Wednesday, February 3, 2010

That's What I've Always Done...

I've been an avid Dashboard Confessional fan since I was 15. I cannot begin to describe their geniosity, all that can be done is listen to their music.
Listen to their music starting with  Hands Down (my all time favorite), Stolen, and all the way down to Belle of the Boulevard and you should get a sense of their brilliance. There is no official video for the track I've posted yet, but the music and the lyrics say it all.

Personally, I've never done anything else. And I'll continue to do that right this instant too, because it only takes a small word, a small sentence or a small gesture to change eveyrthing that's been in the making for months. In the end I'll always blame it on the changes.

As much as I like living my "right nows", as much as I'd really really like to fast forward 3 years in to the future. You know... just to check where it's going and if things would ever fall into place, or where I'd really end up in that time.
Suddenly, I feel 16 again saying that... and listening to Dashboard Confessional... and not making a shred of sense.