Thursday, October 15, 2009

And That Applies to Blank White Pages Too!

I've gone white. I think it's more healthy. And besides I've always made it a point to reflect my inner and outer states in everything I do. 
Right now I'm trying to be healthier: I always wear at least one white item rather than the mainly black clothes I'd been more fond of the past year, I work out, I keep in touch with people I want to stay in touch with, I'm making the kind of friends I'd like to make, I'm sticking to my roots, I sleep early, I wake up early and I'm not keeping myself too busy all the time.
I think that last one is the most important of them all; if I keep myself too busy most of the time...well... I'd never be able to do any of the previously mentioned things, the same way I haven't been able to for a really really long time.

So.. I've gone white.


  1. may you never encounter grey x

  2. well good for you....:))
    but the blog page is too white..i can barely see...!

  3. i am proud of you.. live your life to the fullest with rewarding activities and ENJOY the blessings :)