Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And Finally, Winter Comes Home

18th floor balcony, 10:09 pm.
Tip of the Island; perfect view of the Nile where its branches reunite.
I stood there and I let it all rush in: It was magnificent.

It was cold and it was windy and it swept my hair in all directions.
The shiver that fleeted by my body brought back many memories, the scents attached to that temperature made me dizzy from all the things I knew I craved, and the scene I had my back turned on caused a slight smile to form on my lips. I can't quite explain it, but it felt like winter had finally come home. And it came home exactly when it should've.

Even though it's almost end of January, we -the Cairo people- hadn't yet witnessed the cold season. This week, the visiting rain that cleaned out our air and the fast dropping temperatures we hosted in the evenings, constituted what could possibly the one honest-to-God winter week this year.
I actually wouldn't mind if there won't be any more "winter weeks", because I know that on that particular day in that particular week, the portrait that I had become part of made me happy. I knew where I am, and where I wasn't any longer. I knew what my options are, even if I do not know which to pick. I knew who I am, and who I would definitely like to be. And I sorta, kinda knew with whom I'd like to share it with.

It's been an exhausting couple of weeks, but the calm content they have bestowed upon me is unimaginable. It is spectacular how one can be introduced to a whole new world they didn't know existed. And to be guided to its door step by sturdy hands. New people, new perspectives.

And there is still more to come. As long as you're ready and willing it to come, it will.


  1. Beautiful insight and description :)

    PS-I've never been quoted before?! Exciting! Yes, quote away under my real name: Alexandra Hemrick :)


  3. That sounds like a beautiful moment. There is a certain time when winter tastes perfect and we crave the changing season like we crave life itself. I enjoyed this post. And the photograph is beautiful.

  4. thanks for visiting my blog:)
    and oh my.. its so awesome your from egypt! you are right? if im wrong i feel like an idiot..haha.
    if i could go spend a weekend with you there, trust me i would in a heartbeat!