Monday, January 11, 2010

Today's Lesson: Content and Satisfaction 101

Today I learnt that:
  1. Things will resolve themselves if I let them.

  2. I need to breathe. I should take a moment to do that, there's isn't anything wrong with it.

  3. It's okay to ask for help. Most probably it will  help, even if it explicity doesn't, it'll help me know what doesn't help.

  4. Motivation comes from the outside as much as it does from the inside. When I allow myself to be motivated, others will be willing to motivate me too.

  5. I shouldn't be so anxious to leave. The more I want to leave the more I'll be devastatingly stuck."Let it be", enjoy your time and the time will come to pack up and go.

  6. Happiness loves company too.

  7. There isn't anything better than wanting to share with a loved one. Even if I can't reach them. At least I know they exist.

  8. Brilliant ideas come when I least expect them. Like when I've been working for 10 hours straight and can't see infront of me.

  9. When the hot water goes out, I should realise that this is the cue to leave. But only after the cleansing, wakening, clarifying, freezing water touches my skin.

  10. Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder. Even if that beholder isn't me.


  1. awesome post. something i needed to read this morning.

  2. I like the "Happy Sondos"...
    Let it be....:))

  3. i love the list. and the pictures! im so obsessed with pictures its ridiculous. hahaa.

  4. that's a lot to learn in one day hehe!

  5. Great lessons to keep in mind! I agree with all of them :) Sending motivation your way!

    Thanks for your comment on my recent post as well! I really appreciate you reading/commenting !

  6. my favourite! i love!